I Love My Love

There is a depth of humanity in these songs that connects us to a not-so-distant past.

Fair Child of Beauty
Albion Records – a wing of the Vaughan Williams Society – have a shining track record in its RVW coverage. They continue to satisfy the composer’s enthusiastic constituency and beyond. Albion does not shrink from the most abstruse corners of the heritage and this disc finds them delving among vintage discs of folksongs and folk-related material. Only 13 of the 25 tracks are VW arrangements. The remainder are arrangements by other British composers; there’s one which is the handiwork of Fritz Kreisler. All were commercially issued during a 25-year period from 1919. The mono sound has been cleanly, kindly and professionally refurbished by Peter Reynolds….

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Rob Barnett

Vaughan Williams
I Love My Love
Various artists
Albion Records ALBCD032

This Vaughan Williams Society disc, based on 78 rpm records collected by David Mitchell, opens a window on a lost England of folk songs and arrangements (by VW, Holst et al) for choirs and individual voices (for instance, Conchita Supervia’s in O No, John!), and a style instantly pinnable to its period, as in Adrian Boult’s first recording of Butterworth’s A Shropshire Lad: a particularly wistful if abridged account with the British Symphony Orchestra (1920). PD

I Love my Love is a collection of remastered 78 rpm recordings of folk songs, drawn from recordings made between 1919 and 1947. It focuses on folk songs of classical beauty, presented in generally straightforward arrangements, collected in the early years of the 20th century. There is a depth of humanity in these songs that connects us to a not-so-distant past. The stories and sentiments they describe, of love, war, courtship, separation and the vagaries of the seasons, can make us smile, empathise and, sometimes, still move us to tears.

In parallel with the collection and revival of folk song at the beginning of the 20th century, there was a revival in Tudor music, as a result of which E H Fellowes completed 36 volumes of The English Madrigal School in 1913, and finally got it published in 1924. Steuart Wilson and Cuthbert Kelly founded The English Singers to sing this repertoire, and they adopted the quasi-Elizabethan practice of sitting round a table to sing. Clearly, they were happy to extend their repertoire to folk song, and the first ten tracks on our new recording find them singing folk song settings by Vaughan Williams. The next three tracks feature Steuart Wilson himself, with Gerald Moore. Further settings by Vaughan Williams appear in various guises, with some beautiful arrangements by other composers. All true RVW lovers will want to hear Mary Lewis in “I’m to be married on a Tuesday morning”.

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Tracks 1 – 10: Folk songs arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams:


  1. The Turtle Dove
  2. Just as the Tide was Flowing
  3. Down in yon Forest
  4. An Acre of Land
  5. A Farmer’s Son
  6. Ca’ the Yowes
  7. The Dark-Eyed Sailor
  8. It’s of a Lawyer
  9. We’ve been a-while a-wandering
  10. Wassail Song
    The English Singers (Nellie Carson, Flora Mann, Lillian Berger,
    Norman Notley, Norman Stone, Cuthbert Kelly)
  11. The Keys of Canterbury (arranged by Cecil Sharp)
  12. Rio Grande (arranged by Steuart Wilson)
  13. The Crocodile (arranged by Lucy Broadwood)
    Steuart Wilson (tenor) and Gerald Moor (piano)
  14. Admiral Benbow (arranged Cecil Sharp)
    Frederick Ranalow (baritone) with piano accompaniment
  1. O No, John! (arranged by Cecil Sharp)
    Conchita Supervia (mezzo-soprano) and Ivor Newton (piano)
  2. Sea Sorrow (from Songs of the Hebrides)
    (Marjory Kennedy-Fraser, arranged by Granville Bantock)
    Glasgow Orpheus Choir conducted by Sir Hugh Roberton
  3. I Love my Love (arranged by Gustav Holst)
    The Fleet Street Choir conducted by T.B. Lawrence
  4. The Crystal Spring (arranged by Cecil Sharp)
  5. I will give my love an apple (arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams)
    Girls from a School in North Midlands aged 11 – 15
  6. Tuesday Morning (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
    (from Hugh the Drover)
    Mary Lewis (soprano), William Anderson (baritone), Frederick Collier (baritone),
    Trefor Jones (tenor), British National Opera Company conducted by Malcolm Sargent
  7. Londonderry Air (arranged by Kreisler)
    Leon Goosens (oboe), Clarence Raybould (piano)
  8. Brigg Fair (arranged by Percy Grainger)
    Norman Stone (tenor), Oriana Madrigal Society conducted by G. Kennedy Scott
  9. Two Interlinked French Folk Melodies (Ethel Smyth)
    Light Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adrian Boult
  10. A Shropshire Lad (George Butterworth)
    British Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adrian Boult
  11. The Turtle Dove (arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams)
    Glasgow Orpheus Choir conducted by Sir Hugh Roberton

Total Time 74’22

ALBCD032 – I Love my Love
Release Date: September 1, 2017

Remastered classic 78 rpm recordings of Folk Songs

Composers: Traditional, Butterworth, Marjory Kennedy-Fraser
Arrangers: Vaughan Williams, Holst, Sharp, Kreisler, Bantock, Grainger, Smyth
Performers: The English Singers, Steuart Wilson, Gerald Moore, Frederick Ranalow, Conchita Supervia, and others.