Ralph Vaughan Williams:
An Annotated Bibliography

In 2012 Allan Atlas tasked a team of his graduate students with the job of creating a Vaughan Williams bibliography. This has been updated annually ever since and published here on the RVW Society website. In 2018, Allan Atlas’s former students Paulina Piedzia Colón and Devora Geller passed on the editorship to David Manning. This latest release includes an Appendix aimed at those readers who wish to identify recent items published in 2022 and 2023.

A Publications of Music
B Collections of RVW’s Writings
C Bibliographical/Discographical
D Correspondence
E Iconography
F Biography/Life-and-Works Surveys
G Collections of Essays
H Analysis/Criticism of Individual Works and Genres:

(a) folk song (b) hymnody (c) opera and other stage works (d) choral works (e) songs
(f) symphonies (g) concertos (h) other orchestral music (i) band music (j) film music
(k) chamber music, solo piano, and organ

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pdf_icon    Bibliography: 1996–2023

pdf_icon    Bibliography: Appendix 2022 and 2023

First Compiled in 2012 by:
Paulina Piedzia Colón
Devora Geller
Danya Katok
Imani Mosley
Austin Shadduck
Maksim Shtrykov
Serena Wang

Edited by: Paulina Piedzia Colón and Devora Geller (2012-17), David Manning (2018-)

Introduction by: Allan Atlas